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    Accused of stealing by store manager

    Jurisdiction / State: Texas

    I went into Ulta today for a hair appointment. I was in the Salon inside the store from 1pm-5pm today. I spent 5 hours alone inside the salon and spent $200 for my hair which by the way didn't turn out right, (it was suppose to be bleached and still has dark splotches) and the stylist was complaining about how much time it was going to take to do my hair. She kept telling me how it was going to be expensive and if I wanted to know how much it will be and after I told her its fine go ahead and do it, she then asked if my husband knew I was spending this much money. Which is none of her business! After leaving the salon I went to the counter to pay for my hair services where the lady at the counter said I could pay after I am done shopping since they scan a bar code on the receipt. At the front counter I put the receipt in my purse and continued to shop. I over heard another salon employee express how bad she felt for the women who had to do my hair. (I am guessing because it took so long, which I was very nice and patient with the women the whole time) I had a few items in my hand and then went and grabbed a bag that they put out for their merchandise, I then continued to fill the bag with at least $300 worth of items. I was waiting in the store while I was waiting for my husband, and then was confronted by the store manager, Not security or LP. She asked me if I may have placed merchandise somewhere or in my back pocket or even in my purse, when I gave her this shocked look and told her NO, with a very offended tone, she then asked if maybe it was my phone. I said um I do have my phone? she then said okay,well you did something to trigger it. Whatever that means! since I never even left the store. She then walked away and I was in shock I was so offended at this same time my husband walks up to me and I tell him what happened. I was so offended I left my bag in the aisle paid for my hair cut and left. My husband then walked into the store and asked to speak to the manager, the lady who accused me walked up and said she was the manager, she then asked her how she could accuse me of stealing, she then said she did not accuse me she just asked if I put merchandise in my back pocket or purse. She also tried to tell him my response was I put the salon receipt which is a white sheet of computer paper in my back pocket then in my purse which is NOT true. She also told him how when she confronted me I did not seem offended.

    Do I have a case here since I was confronted by a store employee and not security, police or LP?

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    No, you have nothing on which to base a legal cause of action.

    Questions have not yet been outlawed, thank goodness.

    But, if you wanna sue, you're free to pursue such a course of activity.

    All you need is fill out some papers, pay a fee, presto you've got yourself a lawsuit.

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    A case for what? You have no damages! did the Store manager acted inproperly? Probably but its not actionable and shes right she did not accuse you of stealing. I see where you would be offended but again its not actionable. You have several options

    Option A. Never use their Salon again
    Option B. Report Store Manager to Corporate
    Option C. Do nothing and let it go
    Option D. Do both A and B

    There will likely be no monetary gain for you. Best you can hope for is a Gidtcard good at their store or any sister store they might have. Its your call but no you have no case
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    Just forget it happened. You will be wasting your time. Neither you nor the manager did anything wrong.

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