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Thread: Imputed income

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    Imputed income

    Jurisdiction / State: Colorado

    Thanks for taking the time to read. I will try to make this quick as possible.
    I have a 7 y/o with a woman (never married). Our existing parenting plan/support order has been in effect since 05/09.
    I'm on the B side of CS worksheet @ 105 days + alternating holidays.CS is current& done via direct withdrawal from my wages.
    Mother earned 60k annual.
    I earned 35k annual + part time wages.
    Worksheet included daycare expenses $820/month, which ended 06/10, upon public school entry.
    Mother remarried, and voluntarily resigned from her postion 08/10. She lives off of new spouses income.

    2 weeks ago, she ambushes me with a proposed CS modification, which practically doubles my support $ amount, but she is claiming $0.00 on her side of the proof of income box. I have spoken to a few attourneys, and the consensus has told me mediators/magistrates/judges typically see through this move, and will not allow it. I have hard copies of her pay stubs + W2's + a cover letter in writing stating she terminated work by choice. They are advising that I take the initiative & file for modification 1st . Basically, my question is when I request for imputed income be included on her side of the work sheet , will it be granted?

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    Nobody can guarantee the answer to that.

    It may, or it may not. You should at least try though.

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