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    Immigration - What should we do?

    Jurisdiction / State: Kentucky


    I'm currently a F-1 Student,soon completing my MBA degree. My student visa experies in September 2012,my classes in March.

    I have an American girlfriend,and we want to find a solution so that I can stay with here in the US.

    What is the best approach ?

    Thanks for the help !

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    Marry her!

    Have you spoken to your school? Have you spoken to employers about hiring you? Have you investigated being sponsored? What special skills might you have? In order to find a solution, a person must be aware of what special skills they have or they will be in the same boat as every other graduating student.
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    The best approach is to return to your homeland.

    There is a very bleak future for young people in the US.

    If she's smart, she'll go back with you.

    There are many other countries that have managed to surpass the US.

    Have you investigated Australia, New Zealand, Belize, the emerging Asia-Pacific nations, just for a start?

    I've lived here all my life.

    I served in our military for decades.

    My wife and I are getting out within the next 18-24 months.

    We're emigrating as pensioners and/or retirees.

    Nevertheless, we're outta here soon!

    Summer has arrived!

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