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    Flea market ordered to pay Louis Vuitton $3.6 million!!!

    Jurisdiction / State: Texas

    Be careful if you're selling this junk.

    THEY will sue you.

    THEY want to STOP you.

    They are protecting their trademarks.


    A San Antonio flea market has been ordered to pay $3.6 million after a federal jury ruled against it for allowing vendors to sell knockoffs of Louis (loo-WEE') Vuitton (vih-TAHN') branded merchandise.

    The San Antonio Express-News reports jurors deliberated less than two hours Thursday before finding against the Eisenhauer Market, owner Bruce Gore and manager Pat Walker.

    Market attorney Ted Lee said an appeal is planned.

    Gore testified that he'd appealed to vendors not to sell counterfeit items but didn't evict them because it would strip their livelihoods. If Thursday's verdict stands, he said he might have to file for bankruptcy.

    Louis Vuitton intellectual property director Kenneth Klug (KLOOG) says the vendors weren't sued since vendors previously sued merely vanished and were replaced by others selling more knockoffs.

    Summer has arrived!

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    Knock offs in China town here in NY are being raided by the police daily

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    Just saw this - fascinating news.

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