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    Winter parking violation Traverse city mi

    I just received a winter parking violation ticket in Traverse City Michigan last week and it said on the ticket that I'm not supposed to park on a County Road between the hours of 12am to 8am normally I'd just be like what ever and pay my civil duty and get it over with but this is more of a pride issue and I don't wanna pay the ticket if I'm in the right I had my friend talk to his wife who is doing her inturn ship in law and her boss said that if it's not posted anywhere between 100 feet or yards of the area which there are no signs anywhere that speak of this in the sub division I was in where I was parked then I shouldn't have gotten a ticket and plus they said if I was not from the area which I'm not and clearly they new this after they ran my plate and posted all my info on my ticket then. they said I was supposed to be issued a warning I was told but the shity thing is I'd go to fight this ticket but then I'd loose my ass doing so because the city in which the offense happend is almost 3hrs hours away but my question is if I'm in the right like I hope I am could I sue the police officer for me having to go out of my way to come up their on behalf of his error and poor judgement and me having to spent gas money and take a time off of work the be up there? I would let this go if I was in the wrong but I refuse to be walked on and taken advantage of and I don't wanna profit from this I just want to know if I could take police officer to small claims court after I fight and win the ticket to pay for my exapences for me having to come up there because of his error thats all I want please tell me if I have a legitamite case on both fighting the ticket and small claims against the officer thank you very much hope to hear back from you soon and please give me some links directly to the laws that support my claim if possible so I can pint them out when I go there so I can be prepared thank you

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    There are no links to what you wish to do, sue the cop that ticketed your vehicle.

    You might be able to get the ticket dismissed, if the lack of sign within 100 feet of the location of the citation is correct.

    Other than that, you have no legal claim on which you can sue the police officer.

    Besides, he was doing his duty.

    He is immune from the type of suit you wish to bring.

    So, pay the ticket ot ask for it to be dismissed based on the alleged lack of a sign.

    But, forget that small claim case, unless you want to pour more of your money down a rathole to nowhere.

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