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    Can an open ended statement in a divorce agreement be revised?

    Jurisdiction / State: New York

    Agreement to pay a percentage of income towards college education. One party has every intention of providing financial support as much as possible beyond a Bachelor's degree but does not want to be taken back to court if financially incapable of contributing full percentage for PHD degree.

    Will sign for loans and do all paperwork as well as make loan payments on student loans for further college but can not afford large sums of cash towards future college beyond first degree and can not afford to be taken back to court on this subject.

    Can an open ended statement in a divorce agreement be revised to define college degree as first four years or Bachelor's degree?

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    Yes, you can file a motion to clarify a vague or confusing divorce decree.

    I suggest you consult an attorney about this.

    It is possible in some cases, but isn't a DIY project.

    It also won't necessarily be a slam dunk.

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