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ya but why would all of a sudden he want to start excercising his visitation when right now he dont have to pay child support cause in our court papers the agreement we came to was i wouldnt ask for child support as long as he took his son when he was supposed to and when my son was in his care his dad made sure he had everything he needed...well guess what now he doesnt take him when he is supposed to and doesnt take care of the needs that he needs like diapers....

Of course, he would break his word.

He's always broken his word to you.

His promises mean nothing to him, only to you.

He's always said what he's needed to say just to have his way.

He doesn't care anything about your kids.

Yeah, that's how he sees them, as your kids.

So, why would he want to do anything for your kids?

Heck, madam, he doesn't do anything for any of the three or four dozen kids he's tricked women into having for him. Well, that's not fair of me, is it?

He didn't use Trickeration in all cases, he was tricked in a few cases. But, he doesn't care anything about those kids, either. Heck, he cares less about those two or three kids.

What I'm saying is bums like this go around indiscriminately having kids with women and doing nothing for those kids. He's just doing what his absent, idiot dad did to him. That doesn't excuse him. Heck, I wish all of you women would get tough on these bums.

Alas, dear lady, you won't. He'll sweet talk you, lie to you, "borrow" money from you, bed you down, and all will be forgiven until next time. You and your kids will endure a lifetime of pain, sacrifice, deceit, lies, and abuse because you hold out hope he'll change.

Sorry madam, I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving, have both a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!