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    No key to rental home.

    Jurisdiction / State: New York

    I rent an two rooms and bath from my landlord. He keeps coming in my rooms to use my bathrooom, I questioned him about it and he says he has the right to use it. He will not put a lock on my room entry way nor give me a key to the house. Everytime I leave he searches my room and has removed some things. I have a legal letter stating I pay 400$ for this apartment and what it includes. He is very verbally abusive. He has not paid the mortgage this month nor has he paid the utility bill. I am disabled and have been in a wheelchair since June. He still will not put a ramp on the home even though he told the doctor he would.
    I am a cancer patient with stage three malignant melonoma which is now in my lymph nodes. Most days I have no energy etc. Can anyone advise me on this situation.

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    you should move

    living like that is not worth it

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    This is simply wrong and illegal..No landlords can do this with their tenants..I would advise you to consult a legal authority and inform him about this..He is the one who can help you out..

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