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    confused of child support

    Jurisdiction / State: Texas

    my wife and 2 biological children and 1 step son live off my income. we got behind on morgage payment. while trying to get caught up she is complaining of there is no money. im doing everything i can to make all the bill except her truck payment which she agreed to pay with her income. the truck is also in her name. she thinks the kids are doing without and she wants me to pay her child support and not get a divorce. where does she have any rights of doing that. if we was to get divorced what is the maximum amount of money she can get. i have no problem with providing for my kids but i will not pay her money so she can quit her job and go support her mother with the money i work hard for. im not a dead beat dad. i work over 40 hrs a wk. i also have no drinking habbits. im home after work. i dont understand her problem.

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    Texas uses a straight percentage of the NCP's income, so for two children (your stepson doesn't count) you're looking at 25% of your net income.

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    Mom cannot obtain separate support while she's living with you. If you DO get divorced, you won't have a choice about whether or not you pay child support; if it's ordered, you will pay. Period.

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    There is no set reason why marriages breakup. Money is usually a common one for woman. While you are living together, I suggest you become less generous to her financially. You are not going to buy her at this point. If she feels the household needs more money, she needs to eliminate the truck payment. All breakups should be structured in a fair and organized manner if possible, to protect whatever assets have been acquired. If she moves, she can file for divorce, custody and CS. You can do these also, if you chose. Joint custody is usually best, with a shared parenting agreement that is fair to both parents. The court will decide custodial parent if both of you cannot agree.

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