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    HELP!! Moving from CA to NV- will it affect Spousal Support payment??

    Jurisdiction / State: California

    My spouse and I are both California residents and are filing for an uncontested divorce after 8 years of marriage. We don’t have any children, but my spouse has agreed to provide me with spousal support. I am filing for divorce in California by 11/1/2011, and then plan on moving to Nevada in January, 2012.

    1) Will my move from CA to NV legally affect or complicate my ability to receive spousal support?

    2) I will be asking for a “lump sum” alimony payment and establishing a “pay by”/deadline date. Is there a formula or calculator that I can use to determine a fair “lump sum”?

    Thank you,

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    I don't think the moving will affect your ability to receive spousal support. In addition, your partner agreed to provide spousal support, so your partner should not be able to break it easily.

    The "lump sum" alimony payment is based on many factors, but the most important is your and husband's income. There is guideline for each state to calculate it, so you can consult the California court. This page might help you get started.

    Good luck

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