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    Pulled over just to tell me my license was suspended. No other reason.

    Jurisdiction / State: Maryland

    I went to court earlier this year and was ordered to pay a fine. That was it.

    Just recently I got pulled over by the same cop who pulled me over previously. He stopped me to tell me that my license was suspended. I was flabbergasted. I asked him what for? He checked and said it was because I failed to attend a driver improvement class. In court the judge never ordered me to attend. She only required me to pay the fine. I called the MVA today and they said it was ordered by the judge.


    1. I got pulled over for no other reason but for the cop to inform me and cite me for driving on a suspended license. He made no mention of speeding, anything defective on my car, I wasn't swerving, I made no moving violations at all......he ran my license and stopped me to tell me it was suspended.

    Can he do this?

    2. The judge never ordered me in court to attend a driver improvement class. I do admit (and acknowledge this is my fault) that my mail goes to my old address and my old roommate did tell me that I received a letter from the MVA telling me that my license was suspended only after I called her and asked if I received anything from the MVA after this recent traffic stop. MVA said that I wouldn't receive any letter about a driver improvement class and that I should have been told during my hearing.

    I realize that I am at fault for driving under suspension even though I was unaware of it....but if the judge never verbally ordered me to attend such a class and, assuming a letter was supposed to be sent, if I never received anything in the mail informing me that I had to attend, do I have any defense at all?
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    The cop knew you were suspended. You were obseved driving. You were stopped while driving.

    Can the cop stop you? Of course!!!!

    It is your responsibility to know the terms of your sentence. You'll never prove the judge did anything inappropriate. This matter is over. Nothing you can do now, except taste the sting of your ignorance.

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    In my opinion, "army judge" gave very good advice & answer here.

    But, I'd like to add that "dtaylor" should be thankful that the LEO used
    very kind "officer discretion" here to her. He advised & warned her,
    heard her version, and released her.
    In most states, after the officer has the DOL information that her
    DL is suspended and the LEO saw her driving, she could (should?)
    be cited for that. In some states, like Washington, her car could
    be impounded.

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    Contact the court to see if there is a recording of the court proceeding and buy a copy. Double check. It's possible the judge did in fact forget to tell you.

    I was on a grand jury once, and the Deputy County Attorney MUST establish jurisdiction before we could hand down an indictment.

    The DCA was so used to asking the ofcrs. if the alleged activity occurred in Maricopa County, that she forgot to ask on at least one occasion.

    It's possible the judge is so used to telling you, that he simply thought he did, but didn't.

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