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    40 years probation?

    Jurisdiction / State: Pennsylvania

    When i was 18-19 years old i got cuaght up wuth child pornagraphy. I viewed and traded some images/videos. Needless to say I got caught. For three years I was free and my lawyer thought I would get probation being so young and being depressed at the time. At court the judge gives me a year and day in a federal prison, and forty years of probation! What is the logic behind the forty years?

    Can I reduce that time? I know I can get it reduced to half but is there anyway to lower that to maybe even less time?

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    I doubt it, OP.
    The better your behavior, the better it will be for you.
    Some probation officers can help.
    Talk to yours.
    Probation officers can ask the judge to reduce the sentence, causing a reduction.

    Otherwise, you can always write to the president and ask for clemency.

    Writing to your congressperson and/or your senators might get you some relief.

    But, the best way is the most expensive way.

    Hire a good lawyer that knows the federal system.

    Sometimes a good lawyer can get the sentence reduced.

    But, I think it would be difficult to get anything less than 10 years probation, given society's attitude towards sex offenders.

    It also is almost impossible to get anything less if you took a plea deal. Why? Those plea agreements are written to be rock solid. Those things are something like granite.
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    In that case I have another problem which i will post on a different thread.

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