Jurisdiction / State: Washington

I was in Rite Aide about 3 days ago, spent over 85.00 dollars. While I was looking at some costume jewelry the cashier came over and started to move my cart. I politely told her "I'm useing that." She said she was just playing with it. I realized this teen-age girl stareing at me a few times. I paid for my items and left the store.
Today I was back at Rite-Aide, only to buy a 12 pk. of beer. I walked in, grabbed a cart and went straight to the cooler. The only thing I noticed was about 3 Corporate types there at the store. I walked straight to the checkstand from the cooler. No lookie, lou. Just from point A to point B. I asked the clerk for a pack of cigareettes as I took the beer out of the cart to pay for it. All of a sudden there was a man standing in front of me but further to the right of the cashier and I. He was leaning on rail, and some type of fiberglass divider.
He was stareng at me in a contemptuous manner, and bobbing his head in a gesture of disdain. As I went to swipe my debit card he says,"What about the shoes?". I said "what,shoes?" Again he says "The shoes" I glance away from him for a second again"the shoes" I said what are you talking about?" I realize hes a manager. I said what are you implyeing? That I stole these slippers I'm weareing? He continues stareing,and bobbing his head. In the mean time the cashiers standing there, everything comes to a dead stop,. the customers and the employees are all stareing at me. He says a customer saw me steal them. I said What! What customer!? I bought these slippers 2 days ago,here. " I said I came in here with the smallest purse in the world,and how could I steal them when all I did was walk in and go from point A to point B ? I said here, take my card and look it up on the computer. You can see I purchased these a few days ago. He says he can't do that. I said oh yes you can. I've worked in retail most of my life and at Albertsons for the last 15 years and I know you can. I look around and try to get some support from the customers, there all glareing at me. I see the cashier that rang my order up, and I say you remeber me don't you,? I bought the earrings and a dog leash, a yellow top and skirt, amongt other things. She says yes but I don't remember the slippers. I told him I'm so angry I'm ready to call the Police, he says something like I wish you would. I said...I'm gonna go home and get my recipet. He scoffs at me and tells the girls to ring me up, and walks away. I was so angry I told the employee whats his name? She tells me, I leave, I see the corporate guys outside.I'm so angry I have tears rolling down my face and tell them how I was jus accused of shoplifting. They ask by who? I tell them, they give me a phone number to call.(They were just managers from another store) I called compained,and was told I would be contacted the next Bis. day. I went back to the store with my recipt. Asked the cocky girl from the day before wheres Mc-----? "Call him up front. I had circled the slippers on the recipt. He comes walking out and I have th common coutesey to move out of earshot from the employees and customers. I wave it as a flag when he walks out. He stares at it for about 3 min. He says nothing, I say nothing. Finally I say I circled it. He says I see that. I say well you've beenstareing at it for so long, I didn't think you had figured out. He stands and continues stareing at it. In the mean time A couple of women are walkng out of the store and the alarms are going off. He does nothing. I say, aren't you gonna do something? Looks like you got a couple of live thieves there. He does nothing,says nothing. He says well, A customer says you stole them. I said oh no they didn't. It was that young girl behind the counter. He never looked at me in the eye, from the min. I walked back into that store. He hands me back the recipt and whispers sorry, not looking at me..as he walks away. I turn and say, thanks for that great apology, you should be heareing from your District manager shortly. I call my husband whos working out of state. He calls the manager and says I hear you accused my wife of shoplifting (He didn't swear or yell) The Manager told my Husband I was in and out and in and out of the store, lieing point blank. He told him you slanderd my wife, and good luck buddy, she calling Attorneys right now. Oh, I forgot, one of my last words to the manager was..You have no idea,who you're messing with. I've never been more humiliated,berated,and embaressed in my life. When your an employee for a Supermarket your almost like a small town celebrity. Especially since I've known my customers for 15 years. Watched there babies grow up and I can't walk down the street without someone waving at me..or talking to me for a few min. Now what? Sincerly yours. Thankyou for your time.