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    can you get sued for a negative review of a lawyer?

    Jurisdiction / State: Ohio


    I recently had a very bad experience with a lawyer. Long story short, we signed a fixed agreement to have this lawyer file some immigration papers for us. After 4 months with no results the lawyer told us that we were no longer profitable and that if we wanted to have the lawyer's representation that we needed to agree to pay more money.

    I did not agree to this and we went our separate ways. He refused to refund any of our money and made up charges that he said we accumulated. I then filed a complaint with the BBB. The lawyer shrugged off the BBB complaint. The BBB advised me to file a complaint with the general attorney.

    I then wrote a negative review on a website about the lawyer. The post was harsh but truthful but didn't go overboard.

    The lawyer responded to my review calling me slanderous.

    I haven't proceeded in filing the complaint against the lawyer yet because I was wondering if he can sue me (and win) for the BBB complaint and the negative review.

    What is the best route to get some of my funds back?

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    I can't say if the lawyer will prevail, should he sue you for slander.

    I can say if he plans to sue you for slander for posting online negative feedback, he probably won't prevail.


    Because, if you committed a tort (civil wrong) against him by writing something online, that would be libel.

    If you're confusing slander with libel (many people do), no one can predict how a lawsuit might end.

    If he sues you, he ses you.

    You in turn must defend his allegations.

    The only way for you to, perhaps, contest the money sue s fr you to sue him.

    But, if you do sue him, don't expect miracles.

    You see, no court can make him pay you.

    If you were to prevail on your lawsuit against him, you'd get a piece f worthless paper saying he owes you.

    Then you'd have to figure out how you can enforce the judgment against him to seize his assets.

    If you're lucky enough to effect such a seizure, then you'd have to convert sad assets not cash.

    None of the above actions are easy.

    I wouldn't plan on seeing any of that money any time in the ner future, or maybe never at all.

    Sometimes you get.

    Other times you get got.

    I'd say you've been got!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by runningman View Post
    What is the best route to get some of my funds back?
    Tax his account. Take it to the court registrar, or whatever equivalent you have there, and tell them you disagree with the bill your lawyer gave you and you want to have it assessed. This works different ways in different jurisdictions, and there may be time limits (like if the account is more than 3 months old you might be out of luck), so get on it.

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