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Thread: False Affidavit

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    False Affidavit

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    My wife signed an affidavit at our bank believing their were fraudulent charges on her account. It is the only account we have and it is in her sole name. My paycheck deposits into the account which accounts for 90% of all the income that revolves through the account. After doing some research it turns out that most, if not all, the charges were made by me. We didn't know this at the time as I am horrible about keeping a ledger/register and the fact that we rely solely on our online banking statement. This has become more and more of a problem recently as charges seem to shift and have different dates from everything we remember. What can we do to halt this affidavit process before it becomes a problem as we do not want to commit fraud and we didn't realize about the charges being made by me. No my name is not on the card or account, but it is is my paycheck and she is my wife. What can we do?

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    Tell your wife to visit the bank and withdraw the affidavit.

    She should say that she remembered that she (or you) made the charges and forgot to record them.

    That should stop the investigation and eliminate any potential problems for either of you.

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