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    Can i make a singer/actor a character in my parody ?

    Jurisdiction / State: Europe

    can i make a singer/actor[ per ex. Lady gaga] a character in a short parody animation to put on youtube ?
    is it legal ? is there any copyright for that ?
    it is just for fun and i won't make any money out of it
    [p.s. i won't even use a picture of that respective singer/actor, i will draw him/her myself ]
    [ and one more thing : i wont make a parody about a certain movie or song, i just want to use the certain character, and the parody will be a tribute to that character ]
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    Parody is a fair use exception to copyright, assuming what you're doing even deals with copyright law limitations. Your own drawing of a famous person is actually a work of authorship owned by you, not by her.

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