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    Harrassment and defamation

    Jurisdiction / State: Tennessee

    Hey guys,
    This islong and convoluted so please bear with me .
    I run an internet website and forum for painters. ( specifically painting on porcelain )
    There is a member from the UK ( I am in TN) who has posted a great deal on my forum from other UK painters with their knowledge and permission ( I have that in writing ) who is very controlling and attempted to take over my forum. She has since removed herself ( I did not unsubscribe her).
    I already have read posts here on this website that I am under no obligation to remove her posts and it is not a copyright issue since she posted their work with their knowledge AND permission. I also have a TOS up both on the site and as part of the agreement that must be agreed to before anyone can sign up ... so I appear to be covered as far as the forum and the posts are concerned.. ( I am refusing to remove them )
    The problem is that she has, for some time, been sending private emails to me and ccing in other people in on them , making vague accusations like " thank you for sending me what I need for the international lawsuit" And " My solicitor is cc'd in on this" . She is also spreading lies about me and threatening to make my private emails public. If she does, I dont care. There is nothing in the emails .
    I also was paid to attend and teach at a show she ran last year . I was requested to teach portraits . I have emails between us ( and another party in question who was in charge of a workshop I did for a club in UK , also on portraits ) stating that it is impossible to do a completed portrait in 1 lesson when it takes 5 or 6 fires to complete a piece...but that I COULD teach the most important part.. how to get a likeness. I have in writing that they were aware of that , that the pieces would not be finished ( A physical impossibility in 1 or 2 days ) and their agreement.
    I completed the class with the club . It was 2 days and they got 2 fires done.. I also completed the 1 day workshop and they ALL got 1 fire done. ( Again, as AGREED ...) Teaching a likeness requires me to to a lot of prep work.. pointing out small detail on a photo there is lot of prep before painting begins...however ALL students not only completed the 1 fire ( as agreed) and had their work corrected by me, but I also , at the end of the day , did a 1 hour demonstration on working with clay ( at the request of the person in question ) ...
    Everyone seemed pleased, nothing was said.. and I was paid for my work the next day by the person in question ) .. Nothing was ever said about any potential issues or problems. An email was sent behind my back to two friends of mine stating that my students did not start painting until the last hour ( the last hour in which I was , at that point, giving the clay demo ) and how there were many demands to have their money refunded and how I did not teach but spent all day telling " stories" .... There were also vague references to my behavior during the course of the show and references to " She was a law unto herself" .. Nothing specific of course...A
    Also vague references to how a painter who hired me after the show for a private 4 day lesson should have canceled but was too spineless to do so and implications that I did nothing but sit on the couch for the entire time ( A portrait of her daughter was completed. I have photos if it.. and she seemed pleased with the work she did under my tutelage.. )
    There was another issue with another member who refused to abide by the rules of a contest .. and since a UK painter was also involved, the person in question appeared to be ccd in the middle of the conversation ( although she gets themail from the list that all of this happened on ) ... She emailed me ,asking if I was Crazy...I attempted to explain the situation because it seemed she was hearing the issue not in its entirety...NOTHING untoward or slanderous was ever said to her..ThenI received an email ( also ccd to other painters who were not involved ) saying HOw DARE you post to my wife when you know she is deathly ill.. ( all I was ever told was that she has been for some kind of treatment and that I was to keep it secret because her mother and son couldnt know ) and to not ever contact her again ..
    Since then , more of the slanderous emails circulated from her , again ccd in to other people... I did not respond to any of them,...
    Then on Sunday June 8 , someone claiming to be a Maria Angela Folkin and claiming to be writing for the person in questions husband , posted an email full of insinuations and lies about me ( and also, by the way , admitting that she is subscribed under other fake names ) to a PUBLIC mailing list , the IPAT lessons list which I have no connection to except as a member.
    They are all posting from gmail addresses so its impossible to trace IPS.. however the email address purporting to be from the person in questions husband is signed on to my forum and has posted as a china painter ( no name of course.. but participating and using words that the person in question would use )
    I KNOW this is convoluted. Believe me, my head hurts !.
    Bottom line: She is a control freak who has tried to take over my forum ( She has now taken over another forum ). I have said or done nothing slanderous. I have in fact not responded to her accusations at all .. She has brought this public. She has done this to others... and she is causing me to lose members and potentially future work teaching as a result of her lies .
    She is threatening vague legal action and while Im pretty sure its bs, she does have lawyers in the family . I have copies of all correspondence between us ...
    I have finally responded to her latest public accusations because I believe that lies that are out there long enough become the truth ...I did not slander her . I merely pointed out that she has brought it public, that she is choosing to attack me, that I have nothing to hide if she decides to make good on her threats of publicly posting my private emails and that I would not be removing posts from the forum . I also posted a screen cap from my admin screen showing her husband's email address subscribed to the forum and links to " his" posts ( whoever is posting to the forum using his email address is NOT him...And I can guarantee that the other posts that are supposedly coming from him are coming from the person in question .. impossible to prove because of the gmail , non-traceable IP address )
    Im the one being slandered and lied about and now, in public. And she is now hinting that everyone is aware of the refund situation and that all of the " information " is inthe hands of Phillip ( who I am supposed to assume is her lawyer ) ( nothing was ever said to me, no complaints were issued, I was paid the next day as per usual , nothing was said even after the fact.. except for an email not written to me but to 2 friends of mine.....).......Vague threats of a lawsuit... no requests were ever made to me to return the teaching fee... ( even if we assume that her version of this all is true.. which it is not )
    I dont have a lot of money ... so any advice as to how to handle this would be appreciated . She is a pitbull and will not stop .How do I get her off my back?
    marci Blattenberger

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    Ignore her.

    She's a blabbering loudmouths and bragadacious boaster.

    There will never be an international lawsuit.

    A court in the UK can't touch you.

    Just as a US court could not touch her.

    I won't bore you or confuse you with why, just suffice it to say, there will never be an international lawsuit.

    One indicator of how little she knows (or is doing) is that if there was a lawsuit looming, it wouldn't be litigated by a lowly solicitor in the UK. And, it would be almost unheard of for a solicitor to practice in a US court.

    If she were for real, she would have retained a barrister.

    There is a huge difference between those two professions.

    Ignore her.
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    Army ,
    THANKS !
    I figured she was full of it .. but she's a pitbull who doesnt know when to quit.
    Actually , I figured that if she HAD roped a lawyer into taking the case, the first thing he would have done is told her to " shut the hell up .. and all further contact comes through me" ..
    It will actually be amusing to see what she comes up with .. LOL !
    I appreciate you taking the time to answer... especially since it meant you had to plow through that rambling mess of an email..


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