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    Libelous statement on official report about a disbled person

    Jurisdiction / State: New York

    I am a teacher, and I am considered disabled under the ADA based on medical documentation. I disclosed my disability to my Principal, and the school district, and followed my statement with letters from my doctor documenting my disability. I filed charges with the EEOC against my school district, and the investigator is in the process of filing additional charges, along with retaliation charges. I have a combative relationship with my Principal due to my filing charges, and standing up to him when he tried to bully me- his SOP.
    Last Thursday I had my annual formal observation, and expected him to try and discredit my teaching skills. His observation demonstrates a lack of knowledge of what I teach, and although he was obviously trying to make me upset, as he is well aware of my disabilities and how they effect me. What I did not realize was that he would make the statement that I am viewed negatively by my colleagues, and am only friendly when it will serve my purpose. I an required to sign the document, and a copy will go to the Superintendent, Asst. Superintendent, and in my permanent personnel file. I wish I could say it is no big deal, and I shouldn't make a big deal over petty nonsense, but my disabilities do not allow me to just drop it. The report will be read by my superiors and discredit my skills, which added to my disabilities could be detrimental. During the 13 years I taught before this administration arrived I never received a negative observation. My question, which I apologize for taking so long to get to, is whether or not I have a case for libel against my Principal. I get along with my colleagues,talk to them all, but avoid the faculty room because of the crowd. I've spoken to some colleagues and they say that the principal is dead wrong, and it is him who is disliked by my colleagues. As of now I can't see myself being able to drag myself into the school after he wrote the lie.
    Do I have a case against the Principal? Because I'd really love to take im down for all the times he breaks my chops.
    Thanks for your help

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    No, this is not libel.

    You likely have resources available to you through your teachers union to help you with your dispute over the evaluation.

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