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    Do I have a libel or defamation case??

    Jurisdiction / State: Arizona

    I would like to know if I have a case against a county superior court for posting the wrong charge and actual class of the charge for over 5 years in their system. Which led to every background investigating company to then post and report the wrong charge which happens to be much more severe than my actual charge which is a misdemeanor. These incorrect records that have been posted have been the direct result to not being selected for a job position which would have advance my career and income. Also being denied on multiple apartment applicatations due to the charge that has been incorrect that I just learned of, even though my case closed in 2007.

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    Courts are immune from civil lawsuits.

    It goes back to English common law and the theory of sovereign immunity.

    Your issue, meritorious or not, is rendered moot.

    Of course, as is my usual incantation, you're free to sue anyone you choose.

    That is an irrelevancy.

    You should concern yourself with the issue of a remedy.

    You have none, as the court is immune to civil lawsuits.

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