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    Libel or Defamation?

    Jurisdiction / State: New Jersey

    I work at a school where flyers were distributed alleging that a professor was having sex with a student. There is no school policy against this and the student is of age. THe pamphlets had the student's picture and first name and the professor's name. They didn't state the word sex but there was a slang phrase that implied it. Can the accused be prosecuted outside the school?

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    Does anyone know who distributed the fliers? If not, then it won't go anywhere.
    If they do know, then sure, they could sue if they choose to. That doesn't mean the complaint would get anywhere, but it sounds like there is a foundation for a legit gripe in there.
    The fact that the student is of age doesn't matter so much as the harm to the professor who has been compromised in other ways.

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