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Thread: Bank negligence

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    Bank negligence

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    I recently had an issue with some fraud on my bank account and i was wondering if i had any case against my bank... I apparently lost a wallet a while back which i don't even remember losing, but somebody had access to my license and figured out what bank i use. They also stole checks from another person, they were able to go into a bank and use my license to get my current account (no longer current of course) information, they then wrote checks to be paid to me, but the name was not written correctly either, and got cash back.... needless to say, the other victim's checks did not go through (they wrote a total of 3). The person was caught a week after i reported everything happening and filed my police reports. From what I have gathered, the checks did not include my last name for who they were to, just the first and middle, the signature did not match mine, the multiple bank tellers did not put a "penny hold" which i was told is protocol on checks as large as they were by a former employee of the bank. and i also have come to find out the criminal was African American which means nobody even looked at the id they used... should i just accept my bank doesn't care and find a new one or should i do something about this?

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    What do you want to do?
    How much money did YOU lose?
    Have you spoken to the bank management?>
    What is their position on this incident?

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    First talk to bank management instead directly taking any legal step. Let them know about there mistake and ask for a claim if they are not agree for it, you have all evidence to sue them in court.

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    You can't take any legal step with out concerning a legal authority..

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