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    I closed my bank account and now I have an overdraft.

    Jurisdiction / State: Indiana

    I decided to close my Old National bank account because of the recent monthly fees they've added. I went in and the teller informed me I had $4 and some cents still in the account. I asked if there were any pending transactions, she said no and gave me the money, telling me the account was closed. I never used it again and got no statements or phone calls. Luckily, I got an account with to track my finances a few months earlier. When I checked my e-mail a few weeks ago I noticed that I'm over-drafted over $150. It turns out, the $4 the teller gave me was in a pending transaction. I know I should have kept track of my account better but this seems alittle underhanded to me and I don't have money to give them. I haven't talked to the bank yet so I'm wondering if there are certain things I should say so they wont take advantage of me. If there could be legal action I could take, it would be much appreciated for advice in that matter too.

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    There is no legal remedy available to you in this instance.

    I suggest you visit the bank and speak with the manager.

    Ask for him/her to waive the fees.

    Explain your situation and beg for the bank's mercy.

    You might get lucky.

    They could meet you half way.

    Whatever you do, endeavor to pay them or seek the waiver I mentioned above.

    If you don't pay the greedy devils, this will haunt and hurt in many, many other ways!

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