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    Harassment by neighbor

    Jurisdiction / State: Ohio

    I live in a very nice suburb area with reputable community. We have moved in this community last 2006. Our condo is 4 units (2 units downstairs 2 upstairs) building with a common laundry room. There are 6 building in the complex. Since we moved, our neighbor who happen to be the President of the Association is a very nosy and annoying person. From time to time, we get a letter/note by our door step concerning petty things to do or not to do around the complex/building even inside our condo. My other neighbor who lives downstairs is a very friendly and nice lady named Glory. Glory have confided to us the continous harassment of the President over the years of living in her condo. Glory did file a numerous complaint with the property management but her complaint has been ignored. Until she got tired of calling/sending complaint and later decided to moved out to live a quiet and peaceful life. At this time, President attention shifted to us. We started to get numerous letter. Then later, she just stop doing so for we are ignoring her letter/notice. We have been patient and continue to be nice and respectful to her. Then one day, she confronted my husband of the slamming of the door and walking by the stairwell loudly. And she told my husband that she seek legal counsel of the association regarding the slamming of the door and noise of coming up and down the stairs. She said that the legal counsel advised her to record the noise. My husband just ignore her and told me about the confrontation. I know that since she didn't get any respond from husband, she will get to me.

    The following day(Nov. 17) on my way out to work, she stopped me and told me that her two cats are so frighten every time we slammed our door and running the stairs so loud. She also reiterate that she was advised to record the noise by the association legal counsel. I was so aggravated, and I told her that we are also talking to our legal counsel about her harassment and the next time she will talk to me it would be in COURT. She was so shocked when I told her of the harassment. On my way to the parking lot getting into my car, I saw her by the window taking picture of me. I was so mad, and I get out of the car and FLIP a finger on her. I called the Property management about the incident and they told me to put it into writing. Next day (Nov. 18), while getting into my car, I saw her again taking picture of me. This really makes me so uncomfortable. I have decided to go to the police to make a record of this incident. Police told me that as far as law is concern, she didn't not break any law. Taking picture in the public place in not illegal. Police also advised me to send a complaint to the Property Management (which we did). Our door is stuck due to the wood that expand/contract due to the temperature/moisture. And there is nothing we can do about that. Its beyond our control. Its November in Ohio and its raining outside and very cold. Of course, wood expand and contract due to the relative humidity level.

    Next day (Nov 19), on my way to the parking lot I saw her again by her window taking picture me. I also took a picture of her peeking behind curtain. This gives me an impression that she is insane and creepy. This truly makes me aggravated same time uncomfortable. It makes my skin crawl. I feel we are harrassed. Also, I think she also targeted me due to the fact that I am an ethnic minorities(asian) so as Glory. Glory is an African American. The other couple who lives downstair across Glory are white couple. And to my knowledge, she never harass this people. This gives me an impression that she may have a discrimination issues. Is there a way I could do to back her off? Her behavior makes our living environment uncomfortable and hostile. What are the legal way I could to stop this harassment? Can I sue her for harassment? Can she even use association legal counsel of her personal complaint? We are also a member of the association and paying our dues. Is it ethical for association lawyer to give her an advised since the concern is also a member? Can our association lawyer represent her?

    My theory is that, noises, people walking/running by the stairwell, smell of the food and the like are expected when you are living in a condo/apartment. You hear every noise in the hall way or steps. And that's normal. If she couldn't take that, then she should moved elsewhere where she could not hear anything. That she could be in her own world with her cats. We are not to blame about her frightened cats. And we are not in a nursing home or any medical facilities that we have to avoid noises.

    Is there any input for me to what to do with this lady? I think she is not normal. She shouldn't be occupying the position as President of the Association if her state mind is not stable. I believe normal people wouldn't waste their time to take picture of the neighbor coming and going. This is really CREEPY.

    Please feel free to send your input/advise. I truly appreciate any advise regarding my neighbor predicament.

    Thank you for your time in reading my thread.

    Looking forward for your inputs,

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    Why are you allowing this lady to cause you such grief? You do not need to stand there and listen to her ridiculous complaints. Ignore her, don't look her way, don't speak to her, don't acknowledge her presence. Follow your husband's advice!!

    If she steps in your way or attempts to block your path, then you have the right to contact the police. As you have already learned taking your picture is not against the law. No need to think this an ethnic minority issue. You don't know that for a fact.

    Let her record the noises all she wants if that is how she cares to spend her day. It won't do her a bit of good. Look up your local ordinance on noise. I doubt if your door problem would come close to violating the ordinance.

    Don't let this wierdo ruin your daily living.

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    my harasser is playing night club music the kind that only has sub wolfer i have banged on wall ive called police 23 times. now theres mediation what thel hell is that ?i ve had my car vandlize spying they are low life men i tell you if i had a big man friend there would peace but since they think im alone and vurnable( i cant spell sorry)and happen to be a elder its on like donkey kong. i will not negotiate with terrorist.

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