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    They want the money back?

    Jurisdiction / State: Nevada

    So my girlfriend injured herself (dislocated her thumb) at work around 3 months ago. She required surgery physical therapy, etc. She missed some work for doctor's appointments and also received a few checks from the insurance company. She wasn't sure why she was getting these checks, considering she didn't ask for them (they did lightly discuss, over the phone, that if she missed work, she would get compensation) and she hadn't missed as much work as she thought she would... she never signed anything asking for money. Either way, they were checks, addressed to her, and we needed the money. she put them in her savings account and dipped into this money only as we needed it, because we thought they might want it back.

    well, they do want it back...
    They say these checks were for total disability and they just received her work schedule and found out she had been working as well as receiving the checks. I understand we probably should have called to ask about the checks, but we didn't... and we still need the money.
    are they really entitled to take the money back from us if she wasn't properly informed as to why we were receiving this money? (and didn't ask for it?)

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    Yes. Lesson learned. If it sounds to good to be true, it may well be.

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