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    Toxicology Report Error

    Jurisdiction / State: Indiana

    Please forgive my spelling on the medical and legal terms.

    My only sibling (sister) died on January 22 of this at the young age of 34. We belive it to have been a suicide and have been waiting on confirmation from the coroners report for over 3 months just that we can have some closure and know how she died. After waiting over 3 months we were given a report that showed Zero Drugs in her system and an alcohol level of .08 which we know is legally drunk but we dont feel its a leathal amount to kill an otherwise healthy 34 year old women alone.
    The cause of the death on the death certificate was something like "Household products"???
    Nothing seems to make any sense. We heard that the coroner that did her autopsy and toxicology was new and apparently, did not test do any testing of her blood for anything other then alcohol?? In addition, on the autopsy report they noted every little tatoo she had and some comments on her internal organs saying everything was healthy, however, they neglected to make any mention of a 12 inch scar that runs down the back of her skull and her neck from a brain surgery she had a few years ago. We understand and know that she is gone and we are not trying to blame anyone for her death, but we do feel we have the right to get accurate information as to what actually killed her, it has been driving us crazy since the day it happened, many tears have fallen. Now we have to wait again while all new tests are ran. My question is, shouldnt someone be held accountable for not doing the job they were hired to do?? Dont our tax dollars pay their salarys? Does my mother have a legal right to file a law suite for neglegence? or Pain and suffering? My family is not a sue happy family, in fact we have never sued anyone in our lives, however, I feel that that this is causing serious unjust pain that could have been prevented for my mother.

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    I am sorry for your loss.
    I lost a son-in-law in Iraq 10 days before his birthday this February.
    I pray that God will comfort your family during this very tender time.

    But, do not put the cart before the horse.
    Sometimes we are told things we just don't want to hear.
    Nevertheless, that doesn't make them false.
    I felt that less than two months ago.
    Despite my disbelief, Al was and is dead.

    So, we know your loved one is dead.
    You are not in agreement with the autopsy results.
    You can hire an attorney and request that the body be exhumed for a new autopsy.
    You can retain your own pathologist and have him/her conduct another autopsy.

    Once those results are back, you can decide what you should do next.
    But, just because you doubt the current findings doesn't mean they aren't accurate.
    This new autopsy, should you seek one, may only reopen wounds that are beginning to heal.

    Your family should discuss this and come to an agreement.
    This is a potentially monumental decision.
    Voice your opinions, but allow your mother (and/or father) make an informed choice.
    In the end, the new results (should that be your family's decision), might not contradict the current results.
    Or, it could show you things that you hadn't imagined.

    Either way, God is there.
    Please take some comfort in knowing your beloved sister is at peace with Him in His Kingdom.
    God bless you all!

    Summer has arrived!

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    Toxicology Report Error

    That's smart advice. So much of social discussion success really does come down to old-fashioned good manners.

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    I am sorry for your loss. Unfortunately, even a second autopsy may not reveal if it was a suicide or an accident. Absent a witness to the event, you will likely never know. There are different combinations of household products that can kill, as a result of the chemical compounds formed by two or more common household cleaners. At times, simply assessing the way the deceased was found, will lead you to the answer. For example, if they were found slumped on the kitchen floor, with a mop, next to a bucket of mixed chemicals and a spilled bottle of cleaner. I once woke up in the middle of the night thirsty. I walked over to the bathroom sink, drank a glass of water sitting there, then started violently throwing up, because it was actually a glass full of clear cleaner. A Toxicologist has no access to this type of information and it is not their job to speculate, beyond indisputable evidence.

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