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    Can my HOA restrict cable, Fios, DirecTV?

    Jurisdiction / State: Washington

    I live in a multi-unit condo building.
    Can my HOA restrict me from getting my choice of cable, Fios or DirecTV? I know they cannot restrict the use of an antenna within my my exclusive control.
    I recently asked our property manager about this and his response was:
    "...there was talk of putting an antenna on the roof for everyone for Direct TV but cost and technical complications killed it. Fios would require running lines to each unit that would be visible and the board did not want to see conduit running through the hallways and on the outside of the buildings."

    If this is true, we are being forced to all use the same cable providers. Is that OK?

    Thank you.

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    Probably, yes.

    Look at your HOA agreement. You're probably going to find that the HOA can arbitrarily decide and/or restrict certain things whether or not you agree...and this would be a perfectly legal aspect of your agreement to live within that community.

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