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    legal name versus aka

    Jurisdiction / State: Florida

    I recently moved to Sarasota, FL and obtained my driver's license. I'm upset because they made me use my full first name given at birth, my entire maiden name and my married name. I've lived in 4 different states and have always had the "aka" name on my license without a problem, using my current license and my social security card (which has my given name on it). My passport has the entire "legal" name, which I used this time. I was told if I went back and asked them to take my maiden name off my license that I would have to pay the fees and it would be no problem. When I went back they told me I had to change my social security card, passport and furnish my marriage license and they all had to be changed to my "also known as" name. I was told it's because of Homeland Security but we're talking the State here and Homeland is Federal. Wouldn't all the states require that every individual does this if it's a Federal agency requirement? Don't taxpaying American's have any rights anymore?? I can't even use the name I've been using for 40 something years and everyone knows me by (except immediate family) - according to the Florida Division of Motor Vehicles.

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