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    fired after 25 years

    Jurisdiction / State: Texas

    I was fired after 25 years of employment with the state of Texas. The reason given was misuse of email and using a flash drive. I did file a grievance and during the hearing I found out that my co-worker was the one that set me up. Basically she got into my work email, printed the questionable email and my boss "happened" to find it on the floor of his office. The email involved me discussing my pain meds with a friend that had borrowed some and needed to repay them. We both had valid prescriptions. For this I got a 3rd level which is given before termination. I used a flash drive to print some documents and apparently that was against policy. This to was told to my boss by the same girl and I was terminated.

    I had 25 years of excellent evaluations and have never had much trouble before this girl started 3 years ago. I used my good work record and also that this employee had done many of the same things I was fired for, and more, without any repercussions from the boss even when brought to his attention. I guess I just am looking for some reassurance that I might get my job back. With that many years it looks clear cut to me but I don't know how the law judge viewed it. My boss also stated that no one could do a better job than I have always done.

    Is there anything else I can do if I don't get my job back? I feel I have been totally discriminated against. The boss and I have clashed some because of our different personalities-he's negative and moody and I'm disgustingly positive and even tempered. I knew this girl was trouble but not totally evil.

    And hopefully, if I do get my job back, I am going to have to continue to work with her knowing what I know.

    Any advice or input would help. Thanks

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