My jurisdiction is: Alberta, Canada

1-Please clarify my post below and share with me your opinion on the matter. When I speak of law or government below, I speak of both Canada and the states and understand some of my wording my not be correct to each country. Please respond, thank you.

2-I have done some research and have learned that the economy in the states, and likely in Canada has not been backed by gold since the 30's surrounding the world wars. This then created a need for another type of collateral to back the economy with, other than gold. I understand that it was during this time period that legal numbered birth certificates were created which then served as a type of bond. The certificate, later included a social insurance number or social security number(USA). So the individual with this birth certificate, would be essentially bound financially as collateral to this system. More of slavery in essence?

3-Essentially with these two things (birth certificates, and SIN or SSN's) the government was and has created "persons" (legal entities, corporate in nature) These entities appear to be commonly known as "straw men".

4-It is then my understanding that the "straw man" (the name with capital letters, a legal "person/entity") the goverment can then enforce acts or bills (not laws) such as the "income tax act", "the motor vehicle act" and so on.

5-Before this "straw man" was created and before this sytem was in place I understand that man was free and lived under original constitutional rights created by just men who put God at the top. And this goverment was called "common law".

6-Before the world wars our countries flourished and alot of this goverment order didn't exist, and this included the income tax act which now is in place, unlawfully with other acts. And now we see how crumbling the economy is and some of us pay more than 50% of our income.

7-My ultimate questions from my statements above are:

Q1)How does one rid him/herself from the "straw man" and become a free man on the land, thus claim rights to the revenue generated from this person/straw man entity during their life and pay off unjust debts do to financial oppression, ultimately being free from these acts/bills?