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    Verbal Agreement on car sale- Buyer not paying

    I sold a car on March 09' for $1,000, which was a good deal for him. It was a verbal agreement (stupid I know) because he was close to me. Since then, all I've seen is $40. The original agreement was $150 every two weeks. He can't do that. He traded in the car I sold him for a new car. So I then told him $75 a month which he still can't do. I'd like to take him to court and want to know if I have a case. If I can't win, I'd still like to have him end up with less money from court fees. Basically if I'm out the money, I'd still like to have him ruined somehow.

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    I'd sue him in small claims court. Send him a letter first with a demand for the money pursuant to the agreement.
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