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    Bank Lost Payments

    Hello all,

    I recently recieved a call from my auto loan holder, stating that they hae not recieved my payments for the past 2 months. The funny thing is that I moneygram the money to them and I have conformation that they have taken the money. The customer rep. stated that she could see that they took the money, but not where it had gone. So because it was not credited to my account that she still has to place an order for repossession. I gave the customer rep. a credit card number for payment and they took that and they state that they do not know where that money went. My credit card company states that they gave the money to the auto loan holder. So now I have 3 payments made to this company and they have no ideal on where the money is and they want their car. And they have now dented my credit score 4 times for No payments. Can I take this company to court? If so should I just do small claims or what?

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    Quit talking to a Customer Rep! It is time to talk to a Manager ASAP! You need to get in touch with someone that has some power. They need to research the misapplied payments ASAP!

    Demand if they do not clean up your credit and find the $$ and post this to your account (Back dated) you will dispute your credit and talk to an attorney for not posting payments to your account and threatening to take your care because they don’t know how to apply payments correctly.

    You need to start thinking about refinancing that car ASAP. You should have let them repo your car and file a suit against them-- that Customer rep you was talking to is an idiot!

    Get on the horn or if possible go down in person (with all paper work in hand) and demand to talk to a manager ASAP!! Honestly once you get this straight which I am sure you will once your talking to the right person-- time to get out from under them, apparently they have no idea what they are doing.

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