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    Petty Larceny - First Offense

    My jurisdiction is: New York

    Please excuse the length of my case; Iíve tried to condense it as much as I could.

    My case involves Petit Larceny for $315 that was stolen from a Fitness Center where I previously worked. I worked behind a front desk during opening hours for 4 hours a day at $10 an hour. My ex-boss also owns a small school as well.

    During my employment at the gym, I managed his computers both at the fitness center as well as the small school with no additional compensation. In addition, I designed 2 web sites and hosted them without receiving any payments besides a $100 deposit. My ex-boss is a very intimidating and manipulating person. I knew if I confronted him on compensating me properly, he was going to terminate my employment out of spite. It was clear that I was never going to receive payment for my countless hours of hard-work.

    I was taking advantage for my computer knowledge and as retaliation I sought to recover (at least) a portion of the funds owed to me by stealing $315. I was fired for theft later on that evening.

    This past Thursday, 2 private investigators came to my residence to question me on this allegation. At first, I denied committing such a crime which resulted in the investigators severe intimidation. The officers said if I just come forth with the truth for such a petty crime that I would not get a criminal record and would simply have to pay a fine. Between my stress and nervousness, I ended up confessing to the theft and a written statement was taken from me.

    Now, I have a pending criminal court case in May with no legal representation. I have no criminal history and have never stolen before. In fact, this dishonest act would have never been committed if I was treated with some respect and properly compensated. But between the lack of pay and the bills piling up, I just felt trapped and desperate.

    Iím still trying to find a job (which would generally require a background check) and Iím worried about having a criminal record for such a pathetic crime. Iím stuck between a rock and a hard place and desperately require advice.

    Do I need legal representation for this petty crime?

    What would be your best guess as to the sentencing for this case?

    Keeping in mind that a written statment pleading guilty was already taken, should I plead guilty or not guilty at the court hearing?

    Thank you in advance for your time.

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    You should have that discussion with a Lawyer.
    For non legal parenting help go to

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