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    Rent 10 Days Late, 3 Day Eviction Notice Given

    I currently am renting a house on a 1 year lease(commenced July 15,2008, ending July 15 2009. I am currently 10 days late with my November rent. I notified my landlord(Rental Management) of my difficulties and my intention to pay before months end. I did this in person. I was later telephoned and informed that I had three days to pay or face eviction. I have not received this in writing at this point, but fully expect to tomorrow.
    -Must this notice be presented in writing, or is verbal notice binding?
    -My understanding is that if I do not pay in the three day period, he must take me to court(not self evict), at which time,if I can pay all rent due and late charges,the eviction will not take place. Is this an accurate description?
    -Is he likely to to go through this trouble, or is he simply pushing me as hard as possible to pay as quickly as possible.
    Thanks for any and all help.

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    Yes, the notice must be in writing.

    Yes, if you do not comply with this notice, your landlord/management must go through the court system to get the actual eviction. Depending on your particular state, acceptance of the rental, late fees and court costs for filing can negate the eviction process.

    Haven't a clue. Going for an eviction is not a very difficult process, especially when it can be shown that the reason for this filing is due to nonpayment of rent.


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