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    marriage visa for colombian girl ?scam?

    my buddy is about to finalize a 90 day marriage visa for a girl he met on vacation..he told me he is signing all these forms that state he is taking full resposibilty for this girl..I think he is nuts..does anybody have info on possible scams that this girl may be doing,and what do all these responsibility forms mean....any info would be appreciated.


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    The fiancee visa is called the K-1 Visa and allows an alien to enter the United States if so petitioned by an American citizen for 90 days. Within these 90 days she either must marry the citizen who petitioned for the visa and file an "application for adjustment of status and he must file another petition, this time for alien relative, or she must leave the country again.

    This is the paperwork the citizen must file for the K-1 Visa:

    Form I-129F Petition for Alien FiancÚ(e) (if your fiancÚ(e) has unmarried children who are under 21, they are eligible to accompany your fiancÚ(e), but only if they are listed on this form.)
    Evidence of your U.S. citizenship - your original U.S. birth certificate, your U.S. passport, your Certificate of Naturalization, or your Certificate of Citizenship. (Please see USCIS Form I-129F for information on the use of copies.)

    2 Form G-325A Biographic Data Sheets (one for you and one for your fiancÚ(e))

    One color photo of you and one of your fiancÚ(e) taken within 30 days of filing (please see Form I-129F for more instructions on photos).

    A copy of any divorce decrees, death certificates, or annulment decrees if either you or your fiancÚ(e) have been previously married.

    Proof of permission to marry if you or your fiancÚ(e) are subject to any age restrictions. (For instance, in some U.S. states, you must receive special permission to marry if you are under the age of 16.)

    As you can see, up to this point the citizen doesn't take any responsibility for the alien. If she enters the country and then does not marry him and does not leave the country again she will be here illegally and subject to deportation, but he will not be affected.

    This of course changes once he marries her. Then, as any other spouse, he becomes somewhat responsible for his wife, she gets certain rights including rights to be sustained by him.

    If she marries him just to get an immigration visa (Green Card) but doesn't live together with him he is still somewhat responsible until he gets a divorce. But for immigration law purposes again she will have the problems: if she cannot prove after two years that the marriage is still intact and was not a sham she will lose her immigrant status and be deportable.

    Of course, if he knows that she doesn't really want to marry him and he does this only to get her into the country, he is committing a crime which can send him to prison for 5 years.
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