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    Legal U-Turn where No U-Turn is posted

    My jurisdiction is: California

    I was recently cited for making a U-Turn at an intersection where a No U-Turn sign is posted. The officer asked me if I had a "legal reason" for making the turn. The question seemed odd at the time but it wasn't until I drove away that I seemed to remember something from my 2007 CA drivers license test about this, something like; you could make such a turn if you did so in order to avoid blocking traffic...

    Well, I did make the turn to avoid blocking traffic and I think perhaps the officer even recognized that. Now as I consider challenging the ticket I cannot find any reference to this exception in the 2008 drivers handbook. Seems like it was a multiple choice question where that was the only answer that made any sense. Maybe it was on the actual I dreaming?

    What would be a legal reason for make a U-Turn where a No U-Turn sign is posted?


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    We need more facts and description, i.e. the place, lanes, lines, etc., but the above site may help you.

    For Honest Legal Opinion in California

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    I think what he was asking was whether you had a valid reason to make the illegal U-Turn ... such as, you were being pursued by a person meaning to do you harm, etc. I doubt you can successfully argue that you had to make a U-Turn to avoid blocking the intersection as a result of a U-Turn you could not legally have made to begin with.

    What code section were you cited for violating?

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