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    Driving with a Suspended License due to Underage DWI (NEW JERSEY)

    Jurisdiction / State: New Jersey

    New Jersey

    In November '05 I got an underaged DWI (.05 BAC) ticket (among others which were dismissed). I went to court in January '06 and the outcome was tons of fines, community service, IDRC and 30 days loss of driving privileges. I was caught driving in the woods on a private road in May '06 and although my 30 day suspension period was up I had not gotten my license reinstated yet. I was also searched and charged with possesion cds/parphenelia which I had went through a PTI program to have expunged. I completed the program under the impression that my driving while suspended would be expunged also but this wasn't the case! Now 2 years later, life turned around and a single mother, I am facing 10 days minimum jailtime, a $500 fine, and 1-2 yrs loss of license! My lawyer was saying he may not be able to get me a break and also mentioned something about post conviction relief...I was seeking a second opinion because this lawyer wasn't even aware that you could lose your license for a minimum of 30 days with an underage DWI. He claims I HAD to have lost my license for 3 months, as if I cannot recall what my sentence was...THIS SCARES ME! I have already paid my lawyer $750.00 and am thinking it was a mistake. Can this outcome be any different?! Does it make a difference that I was on a private road? Is there any hope with post-conviction relief? Is there some loophole out of this mess? I would greatly appreciate any advice!

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    I wish I could help you more. ALl I can tell you is, it's less expensive to change to a good lawyer than to continually retain a horrible one. Further, if he's incompetent, file a grievance.

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