I live in small town IL

My daugher has been recently come forward with info that she has been melested by her uncle. He has been arrested and charged with 3 counts.

His wife (sister in law) sided with her hubby. Maybe out of shock don't know. We offered to help her, but she choose him.

Long story short she works at a public place, (largest retailer, think you can figure out who). We have been in there a few times since this has happened. (her friends stare and treat us like sh!t). We go in get what we need, food, diapers, clothes etc. Have never seeked her out, never confronted. We stay as far from her as possible.

We were told she is trying to get a restraining order to keep us from coming in there. Can she do this? Can the retailer do this? It is a public store, and we have never approached her. Never will.

Sad really, we are the victums. My daughter still has nightmares. We turn in the bad guy, and now are on the verge of being punished. I know life is not fair but come on this is a bunch of BS.

It is not only a matter of princal, but this could also have a negative economic impact on us, as prices in other stores for items we need (ie, diaper, wipes, formula) can cost anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 as much more.

Any advice on this would be appericated.