Jurisdiction / State: California

What is the name of your state? California

Hello I worked for a retail store in a mall for a year and did not cash many of the checks I received , about half a year of pay. The checks were weekly and stated that they are VOID after 90 days. This was about a year ago. I am planning on calling human resources to see if they can issue me new checks.

I thought before I do that it would be wise to turn to you wise generous people for some advice and opinions. In case they just say "NO" and there is actually any laws that I might want to be aware of first. I no longer work there and am in dire need of some money.
This half years pay would really help out right about now...I know I was stupid not to cash them before they expired, but I would think that no matter what my labor is something I should be compensated for, otherwise I would have worked for free ?

Any help is greatly appreciated ! Thank you all in advance !