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    Publishing Race Photos For Profit?


    I'm torn between posting this here & on the Copyright, Trademark, Patent forum...

    Anyway, here is my dilemma:

    I recently attended a drag race hosted by the NHRA for which I paid for reserved seats etc.
    During this 3-day event, I took over 1000 digital pictures with my camera with the intention of eventually publishing them and producing merchandise from my images for profit. Intentions are to sell on both eBay & my own site.
    My pictures include drivers, crew members, side-by-side race shots, and individual race cars...

    So, here's the question:
    Can I use those pictures as I so please (for profit), up to & not limited to publishing them in various forms AND producing items for sale such as calendars/screen-savers/mugs/T-shirts etc., WITHOUT risking getting in 'hot water' legally with the sanctioning body &/or the race teams and their sponsors?

    The event was held in Virginia, and I have photos from 2006 & 2007.
    Iíve looked on the ticket stub (from Ticket-Master) for where it specifically says anything about the NHRA having any rights to my pictures, and it does not.

    Since my local lawyers (small town) donít have a clue about this issue, your advice would be greatly appreciated...


    Best regards,

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    Do you have permission from the sponsors of the event?

    If not, then you are out of luck.

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