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Thread: Estafa Case

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    Estafa Case

    I am a student, I did pay for my tuition fee to a not authorized employee
    in our school for my tuition fees, who said to me that their be the one to
    just pay it to the official cashier.

    Worse happened, when we found out that she didn't remit my money to the
    official cashier. Now my school has filed legay estafa case against her.
    their is an on-going trial

    My question is this, is it legal for my school admministrator to force me
    to pay the lost money that I paid to their employee, according to them, it
    was my mistake to pay to the non official cashier.And they holding my
    credentials, wont release my grades until I pay.

    I refuse to pay sigthing the basis that the employee is under them and
    that she's under their jusridictions and responsibilty, and they are also liable to me,

    What legal actions should I do against my school administrators

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    Tell how you happened to pay the wrong person.
    Be not niggardly of what costs thee nothing, as courtesy, counsel, & countenance.

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