Jurisdiction / State: Michigan

Six months ago I received a used car from my boyfriend (who is a criminal defense attorney) as a birthday gift, the $5000.00 lien is in his name. We have since broken up and he has been harrassing me and threatening to come and take it back whenever he hears I'm moving forward in my life. Before the break-up, I expressed my concern over not being put on the title. Here is a portion of the e-mail response I received from him ".....YOU CAN HAVE THE CAR. I KNOW THAT YOU ARE FEARFUL THAT I COULD DEMAND IT BACK. THEREFORE, I HAVE PREPARED A GIFT STATEMENT INDICATING THAT IT IS AN IRREVOCABLE GIFT, WHEREBY I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR THE LIEN......IF YOU DO THE RESEARCH ON "GIFT LAW" YOU WILL SEE THAT A NOTARIZED AFFIDAVIT SIGNED BY ME WILL EXTINGUISH ALL RIGHTS I HAVE TO IT...." Well, I never received that affidavit. Under the "Gift law" definition from Wikipedia, the criteria has been met as far as intention, delivery, acceptance etc. I would love nothing more than to give it back and tell him where to put it, but after an unexpected illness that resulted in a lengthy recovery, I lost my job and am unable to get a car loan at this time. I've just started a new job and need this vehicle to get to work, at least for awhile. This cruel manipulation and harrassment is making me crazy. Do I have any legal rights? Any advice would be appreciated.