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    Landlord broke down my bedroom door

    I'm late on rent its not even halfway through the month yet and My landlord showed up at my house while I was in school and broke into my room.He even took the door knob/lock off my door and threw my wall hangings that were on my door on the floor of my bedroom and left me a note on my bed.Can he do this legally? I live in a 5 bedroom house with other roommates and he didn't do this to any of theres and he has'nt fixed any of our problems we have listed to him including a running toilet that has ran up our water bill to an insane rate.I feel like my privacy has been violated and I don't know if I should get a police report or what? I do know that he is already being taken to court over other problems going on with his properties.But can a landlord really just break in your room and take your door lock and all??

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    Of course your landlord cannot do this. On the other hand, he can begin the process of evicting you (as required in your particular state) for nonpayment of rent (rent is late one day after it is due).


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