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The legal system, civil litigation, civil courts small claims court, discovery of evidence, motion practice, how to sue, how to collect a money judgement, appeals, attorney ethics, and retainer agreements.


  1. Alternative dispute resolution "ADR" includes arbitration and mediation. It is usually quicker and cheaper than in-court litigation. Includes collaborative law, AAA, JAMS and is used for domain name disputes.

  2. Issues concerning civil litigation - how to start a lawsuit, answer a complaint, respond to a summons, service, subpoenas, and discovery, motion practice.

  3. Issues concerning expert witnesses, private investigators, hiring, in-court testimony, the need for experts, evidentiary matters.

  4. Issues concerning enforcing a judgment, collective damages won after trial, information subpoena and restraining orders, wage garnishment, asset location and recovery.

  5. Matters concerning law students, careers in law, paralegal training and licensing, legal secretaries, other jobs in law and law enforcement, law outline exchange.

  6. The practice of law, operating and managing a law firm, ethics, state law licensing, continuing legal education and issues concerning the state and local bar associations.

  7. Small claims courts and municipal courts with a low dollar value. Usually covers general civil claims that are under $10,000 and may be settled in one or a limited number of hearings.

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